Building a brighter tomorrow for South America

The South American Initiative is a non-profit organization that is working toward improving the quality of life for people throughout South America. We are working to import medical supplies to those in need of basic medical care, build food kitchens where starvation is rampant, and build water stations powered by solar energy to bring a reliable source of clean drinking water to areas without clean water. 100% of your donations will be used to help us build a brighter tomorrow for those in need in South America.

Emergency and Disaster Relief

There is currently a healthcare crisis sweeping through South America, particularly in places like Venezuela. People are dying from curable illnesses and diseases due to inadequate medical supplies and no access to essential medicines. This shortage tremendously affects cancer patients, pregnant women, those with organ transplants, those living HIV-positive, and many others that are scrambling to find care where none exists.

Sustainable Water

Throughout South America, finding a reliable source of drinking water is a daily struggle for most villages. Without clean water, many people from rural and impoverished villages are malnourished, and public health is generally poor among all ages.

Feeding the Hungry

We strive to end childhood hunger, we believe that no child should go to bed hungry, with your support, no child will feel hungry no longer, and will have the nourishment they need to grow into their full potential.

Raising Awareness

With your help today, you can help us spread awareness throughout the world of this devastating crisis that is currently happening to children all over South America

Our Sponsors

South American Initiative thanks the following organizations and individuals for their generous support and investment in our Nonprofit Organization.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Steven Malca, Chief Executive Officer, at to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

SAI is determined to rebuild South America.

100% of your donation will be used to benefit the people from South America.

We need your help!

100% of your donation amount will be used to help the people of South America. South American Initiative Inc. is a registered NGO in the the state of Florida, USA.
All donations comes with a tax receipt.

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