The South American Initiative team (SAI), has a big heart for the abandoned animals of Venezuela. When a country experiences sudden poverty and famine, the very first victims are our beloved family pets. When personal survival is a steak, family pets are often abandoned and neglected.


During a crisis like the one in Venezuela, too many animals do not receive the treatment and care they need to survive. It is for this reason that our team decided to start this project to provide these pets with the food, medicine, and other basic care products they need during these hard times.


With no relief in sight, SAI provides significant aid to our Venezuelan Veterinarian team to care for the abandoned and neglected pets in critical states of health.

For the past few months we have provided food and medical supplies to the following:

·       JANUARY: 105 abandoned pets have received care.

·       FEBRUARY:98 abandoned pets have received care.

·       MARCH: 90 abandoned pets have received care.

·       APRIL: 90 abandoned pets have received care.


Your contributions to SAI have made the expansion of our animal project a reality. Each month we continually increase the amount of food and medicine we supply to these abandoned pets struggling to stay alive during this economic crisis.


At SAI we want to sincerely thank each donor for their generosity in helping us improve the lives of abandoned pets in Venezuela. Without your help many would simply die of starvation and disease.

Thank you to all donors of GlobalGiving and SAI for supporting our cause. The information is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign “Helping Abandoned Pets”.