SAI - A&G New Sanctuary Grand Opening!

This is the grand opening of the new SAI Animal Sanctuary in Venezuela. This photo features our team of SAI staff who have been the frontline workers completing the construction of this new facility to care for abandoned dogs in Venezuela.

Experts estimate that there are over 3 million abandoned dogs roaming the streets of Venezuela. Our new facility offers food, medical care, vaccinations and adoption services for the pets who've been rescued from the streets. Our team's goal is to rescue the dogs, bring them back to top health.


You’re Making Good Things Happen!

Thanks for showing your love of animals by giving graciously so we can represent you and provide the love, food, medicine, and care they deserve. With your support, we are making good things happen in the animal community! Please continue to donate so we can rescue even more abandoned pets in Venezuela. Thank you!


Generous donors make our campaign for Helping Abandoned Pets possible. If you love animals like we do, you know how important it is to support these wonderful creatures so they can continue to live and survive this national crisis.

 This photo shows the new staff on their first day at the sanctuary. The Veterinarian is in the middle with his assistants on both sides. These are the individuals who will be working to fill the sanctuary of shelter dogs. They will be treated like family, so they are prepared to be adopted by a loving family.