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South American Initiative is a U.S. based non-profit organization providing food and medical care for orphans, providing medical care for sick children, newborn infants, expectant mothers, and seniors, and food and shelter to abandoned dogs and zoo animals in Venezuela. 

Malnutrition #1 Cause of Illness & Death for Infants, Hospital Patients, Abandoned Pets & Zoo Animals

SAI provides food, medicine, and medical supplies to orphanages where parents have been forced to abandon their children because they can no longer afford to feed them. Malnutrition is the number one cause of illness and death for infants, children family pets, and zoo animals.

South American Initiative was founded in 2016 by S. Malca, a young philanthropist, after seeing the extreme poverty former middle-class and poverty stricken families are now experiencing everyday in South America. Shortages in food, water, electricity, medicine and medical supplies have skyrocketed along with death rates from a lack of government supported utilities and public healthcare.

Volunteers & Staff Committed to Helping South American Countries

Malca resides in South Florida, home of the largest South American community in North America. Malca formed work teams made up of volunteers and committed staff to work for the well-being of the most underprivileged populations from South American countries. Malca was able to analyze, from a humanitarian perspective, the escalating crisis many South Americans are facing daily as they continue to fall deeper into extreme poverty. This disparity led Malca to create the South American Initiative.

Helping People & Animals in Their Deepest Time of Need

SAI began operating in Venezuela providing humanitarian aid to hospitalized patientsorphaned children, the homeless, elderly who have been abandoned and forgotten in nursing homes and families who do not have shelter or food to eat.

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SAI is determined to rebuild South America.

90 cents of every dollar goes straight to benefiting the people of South America.



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