Help Abandoned Venezuelan Pets | Providing Food and Care



Dog owners in Venezuela have been forced to abandon their pets because pet food has become overwhelmingly expensive. Also, vaccines and treatments that pets need are scarce or inaccessible. There is a proliferation of diseases that have affected homeless pets such as scabies and rabies resulting in a high health risk to humane society. Through this project, we will be providing decent dog food and canine treatments in order to prevent the most common infectious diseases.


Dog rescue centers and government rescue agencies are challenged with caring for dogs that are suffering from malnourishment. Some municipalities of Venezuela have taken the decision to capture them and resort to euthanasia. Venezuelan government has not provided enough help for the good health of abandoned pets and many of them are abused or poorly fed. Some fed on products thrown in the cities, but at the moment you are not seeing an excess of food left over. In addition, there are very few people willing to adopt, rescue or take care of these blameless victims.


SAI is committed to helping each of these four-legged victims together with the collaboration of other non-profit organizations in charge of providing assistance to abandoned pets. To solve the health problems, SAI will provide high quality dog food, vitamins or supplements, flea and tick collars, treatments for rabies and scabies. By supplying provisions for veterinary care, we can help decrease the number of abandoned pets and enhance the overall welfare of pets and residents.

Long-Term Impact

Like any living being, pets also need help to face the current economic crisis that Venezuela is going through. It is essential to provide the necessary help to meet the high demand of animals that roam the streets in a state of malnutrition and diseases that are transferable to human beings. We hope by our work and by the promise of assisting abandoned animals, we can bring out positive messages in the community that having a pet is for life.

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August 1, 2018

One More Reason To Help

Our four-legged friends and South American Initiative team together with their allies to thank you for your generous contribution to help abandoned pets in Venezuela.

With your donations, we were able to feed and provided medical assistance to more than 65 abandoned dogs for over a month. It is our desire to continue helping all the animals that have been abandoned!

Once again, we extend our most immense gratitude for your donation. Thank you for being part of the SAI community. Together, we continue building a brighter tomorrow!