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Help Venezuelan Orphans & Hospital Patients

Caracas, Venezuela – Every single day a mother cries for her child and a family weeps for a loved one who has just passed away due to complications from malnutrition ─ a polite way of saying they starved to death.

The infant mortality rate has doubled because hospitals and parents have no food to feed them. In some cases, parents are forced to abandon their children and drop them off at orphanages because they simply cannot afford food.

Venezuela, a modern-day holocaust, has become a country in desolation, many people have decided to leave the country and other people less fortunate have been forced to endure extreme shortages due to the economic impact suffered by the country.

Imagine Living on Less Than $11 per Month

Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro just raised the minimum monthly wage from 3.20 per month to $10 per month. Can you imagine living on less than $11 per month when most workers in the U.S. make double that for just one hour of work?  It’s impossible to meet the needs of one person on that amount of money.

Now imagine providing for a family with two children and a small box of food from the government two times per month. It can’t be done. That’s why so many Venezuelan’s are leaving their country. It’s also why the infant mortality rate has doubled and orphanages are at full capacity.

Shortages of Essential Medicines

Every aspect of life in the country has been affected by this horrific crisis. There are shortages of essential medicines like antibiotics, drugs for cancer, HIV, anticonvulsants, insulin for diabetics, among other medications necessary to sustain life.

Venezuelan Hospitals Have Become Chaotic

The typical diet for patients consists of only white rice. Birth mothers are unable to feed their babies properly because without proper nutrition, they have no breast milk to feed their newborns. The result is death by starvation has become common for newborn infants because they are not getting any food to eat.

Orphanages at Maximum Capacity

Many orphanages have accepted more children than they can handle. The Venezuelan government is not giving the necessary help to meet the most basic needs of children. The government is also rejecting humanitarian aid offered by other countries if they do not support the current political regime.

South American Initiative has arrived on the scene at a time when help is desperately needed. SAI is a non-profit organization that has the necessary tools (food, medicine, and volunteers) to help Venezuelans orphans and hospital patients in their deepest time of need..

More Than 71,500 People Benefited from SAI

SAI works to support the impoverished and starving Venezuelan population through its key campaigns: “Help Venezuelan Orphans” and “Help Hospitals and Children"Thanks to these campaigns, more than 10,000 people have benefited.

South American Initiative is investing in large scale agricultural developments to help stabilize and provide a continuous food supply to orphanages and hospitals.

What Can I Do To Help Venezuela?

These projects are not possible without the collaboration of generous and compassionate donors like you who provide help in the midst of a country in deep crisis. Each of your donations support our mission to help those in their deepest time of need.

We pray that all this turmoil and chaos in Venezuela will soon pass. Until that time SAI works to provide food and medicine for those who cannot help themselves.

When you donate you are  saving the lives of orphaned children and hospital patients who are living in a country experiencing total collapse. Without your generosity they would have nothing. Your gifts bring light where there is only darkness.

Donate now!

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