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The food crisis in Venezuela harms all components of society. No one seems to escape the reality which begins to leave permanent damages for future generations. 33% of children have a growth delay and this is a mental damage that will be with them throughout their lives. Malnutrition is taking lives in orphanages due to the lack of food supplies provided by the current government.


The scarcity of food in Venezuela and the lack of medical supplies has become a problem that affects the health of vulnerable starving children. Orphaned children do not receive the help promised by the government. Those in charge of orphanages have been tasked with reducing the amount of food per day for each per orphaned child. There are more children who are abandoned on the streets that have created an insurmountable challenge.


South American Initiative will continue to provide over 200 meals per day and clean drinking water to orphans in Venezuela and adults who are suffering from malnutrition in hospitals. We are currently providing shoes, food and clothes to orphanages located in the state of Carabobo, Venezuela "Maria Auxiliadora", "Semillita del Inmaculado Corazon de Maria" and "San Antonio" and expanding to more. We are helping to cover the basic needs of each orphaned child who temporarily lives in these places. Also, we are currently investing in agriculture and in building a greenhouse to plant vegetables and fruits to provide sustainable food for Venezuela orphanages across the country. A percentage of contributions goes towards these greenhouses.

How can I help Venezuela?

This project will help more than 500 orphans through a diet that provides all the necessary nutrients for the healthy development of each child. By providing a balanced fresh meal to each one of them, these children can be well educated and become productive members in the society. Help orphans in need, help sponsor an orphan charity, help sponsor a child.

Donate To Help Venezuela Today

Make a tax deductible donation to help Venezuela from our website. South American Initiative are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization commited to providing relief to the most poverty stricken people and areas of our beloved Venezuelan nation. Your secure online donation will help to provide necessary food, clothes, and more to Venezuelan orphans, hospitals, and more. Learn more about our organization when you visit our about us page. Help us save Venezuela!

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Every moment we dedicate ourselves to the orphans in Venezuela, we at South American Initiative feel driven to continue spreading our cause to help more children throughout Venezuela. Every donation represents another opportunity for us to not only give food, but also smiles and hope.

The orphanages receive support from us and it is all thanks to our faithful donors that we have been able to continuously provide more food and supplies to the orphans. We appreciate the support from all of our donors who make it possible for us to continue providing life-sustaining food and supplies to these orphanages during Venezuela’s economic crisis.

Over the past three months, SAI and GlobalGiving have provided the following number of meals to orphans in Venezuela:

  • JULY: 4,830 meals were provided to orphans.
  • AUGUST: 6,118 meals were provided to orphans.
  • SEPTEMBER: 5,152 meals were provided to orphans.

Total of meals distributed over the past three months: 16,100

Your contributions to South American Initiative make the expansion of this project a reality and increase the number of nutritious meals and supplies available to struggling orphanages.

We at SAI want to thank each of our donors for their generosity in helping us improve the lives of orphans in Venezuela.

Now, South American Initiative has come to give food, and fight on the right side on this war, reducing hunger, thirst and shortage of food. All this is possible thanks to our generous donors. It’s because of them that we’re providing food to over 80 children in 2 orphanages weekly, with a total of 1,000 meals per month.

We’re saving kids’ life and giving them a reason to smile.

Our goal is to provide 7,000 meals per month. We wish you could see face to face those kids smiling, but a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

SAI Team Delivering Food to Orphanages
SAI Team Delivering Food to Orphanages

SAI is  supporting orphanages with over 9831 meals for the past three months. These meals consist of protein, vegetables and fruits, to keep children healthy. We also provide a wide range of ongoing supplies, including much-needed medicines, hygienic products, clothing, shoes, and educational supplies.

Medical Care in Orphanages

SAI is Providing medical check-ups and support for our orphans. Our medical team visits the orphanages every two weeks. Doctors from the clinic check the health of orphans in each orphanage. Doctors also provide medicine such as antibiotics and vitamins.

New Program (Physical Training in Orphanages)

Now, SAI is providing Physical fitness to orphans. These programs are helping children develop physical and mental fitness. This training will help children increase strength, power, speed, endurance, agility, and balance. The training activities are walking, hiking, jogging, running, climbing, specialized exercises and resistive band exercises. 

Your generous donations make our work possible and contribute to mental and physical health, education, food, and medicine for these orphaned children. The SAI would like to thank you for providing a life-changing impact to Venezuelan's orphans. 

SAI is Delivering Food To Orphanages In Venezuela.
SAI is Delivering Food To Orphanages In Venezuela.
SAI Medical Assistant Examines An Orphan Girl.
SAI Medical Assistant Examines An Orphan Girl.
SAI Medical Assistant Examines An Orphan Boy.
SAI Medical Assistant Examines An Orphan Boy.
Orphans receiving physical fitness from trainer.
Orphans receiving physical fitness from trainer.
Orphans receiving physical fitness from trainer.
Orphans receiving physical fitness from trainer.