Venezuela crisis - US NGO Providing large-scale Humanitarian Aid.

About Us

Non-profit / Charity /Organization

South American Initiative is a non-profit organization that is working toward improving the quality of life for people throughout South America. We are working to provide medical supplies to those who need basic medical care, build food kitchens where starvation is rampant, and build water stations powered by solar energy to bring a reliable source of drinking water to communities without access to clean water.

Our Mission.

To transform lives by providing humanitarian aid in the greatest time of need.

The only effective charity is the kind that asks more from those being served, rather than less. Asking for more sends an affirming message to the recipient that he or she also has something of value to offer. 

― Robert D. Lupton

SAI is determined to rebuild South America.

95 cents of every dollar goes straight to benefiting the people of South America.


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