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VENEZUELA – The streets are crowded everyday. People wait in lines near supermarkets day by day waiting for a portion of rationed food that will only feed one or two members of the family. Food is not enough, many of these people have had to leave the supermarkets with empty arms. The ones who are more desperate find a solution by committing crimes with the purpose of bringing basic provisions to their homes. All the population is expressing disappointment against the government due to the lack of food and the lack of medication and many Venezuelans have also become displaced from their homes.

Since the country suffered from hyperinflation last year, its people have dealt with unimaginable consequences. The average Venezuelan has lost nearly 20 Lbs. After the economic crisis started, there has been looting and violence in the streets leaving wounded people without access to healthcare and essential provisions. Venezuela used to be one of the richest countries in South America, depending on oil. However, it is now facing a decline in economic growth and rise in unemployment. Venezuelan currency is losing its value and it is too weak to support the population’s needs. Private companies are depending on the black market in order to purchase supplies, due to the government is not able to provide the sufficient amount of American dollars. People from Venezuela face a crisis that most countries or aid organizations are unable or unwilling to support.

South American Initiative (SAI), a non-profit organization, was born with the purpose of offering an opportunity to all the people in Venezuela who really need help. SAI has been directly working in this country over the last years providing food, shelter, education, and job opportunities for the poorest and for the most at risk Venezuelans. Currently, SAI is one of the only humanitarian aid group that is able to provide assistance to Venezuelans who have not had the opportunity to buy food in months. SAI is supplying fuel for emergency services, backup generators for schools, safe drinking water and non-perishable food items.

SAI has visited the top universities in Venezuela for willing volunteers. During the past few months, SAI has been able to gather a great number of talented university students to support the infrastructure projects for the refugees of this organization. These hard-working and dedicated volunteers, who cannot work because of the unemployment, are helping to demonstrate that all the contributions that SAI is providing are safe such as water, food and sanitary supplies. The majority of these students have not had a job for months and some of them have not eaten for weeks. They decided to become part of SAI team and they also were benefited of our program.

100% of your donation will be set aside for aiding Venezuelans living in Venezuela and it will change lives of people in need. People who do not have a place to sleep, people who cannot pay for their medication or food, and people with no hope.

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