During the Q4 of 2022 (November and December), the SAI animal rescue program distributed 5,275 lbs of dog food among the SAI-A&G sanctuary and the 18 dog shelters that have partnered with us.

We are pleased to report that the construction of the SAI-A&G Gate and Phase 3 is now complete. The new gate will significantly increase security for both the sanctuary and its canine residents, while Phase 3 provides additional space for our growing population of dogs. 

The construction of the new intensive care building and quarantine at the sanctuary has been completed. It is located adjacent to Phase 2, and contains six separate rooms for spaying/neutering recovery, isolating newly-arrived dogs, and quarantining those with infectious diseases. We are grateful to our generous donors for their support which has enabled us to make these essential improvements.  This will ensure that the canine residents receive proper care and attention. 

By rescuing dogs from the streets of Venezuela, the SAI-A&G Sanctuary and its partner shelters have saved lives. The rescued dogs often suffer from malnutrition, parasites, and other serious illnesses. At the SAI-A&G Sanctuary alone, more than 80 dogs are receiving food, purified water, vaccinations, veterinary care, spaying and neutering, medications, and a lot of love and care. In addition, SAI-A&G is providing 306 dogs in their partner shelters with food and medical attention. This invaluable work would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. We thank you for your continued commitment to saving dogs in Venezuela.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous support that you have provided towards saving dog lives. Your contribution has enabled us to make a lasting difference in the lives of these dogs and their communities, and we are deeply appreciative. We will continue to make great strides in rescuing and protecting even more dogs.