Our team of volunteers and staff at the SAI-A&G Endangered Animal Program has successfully distributed 1,323 lbs of food to one zoo and two animal refugees in Venezuela during the Q4 of 2022 (November, December). We are thrilled to report that this assistance has been invaluable in providing much-needed sustenance for these animals.

Through your generous donation, we have been able to supply a variety of food items such as bananas, eggs, plantains, papayas, sunflowers, meat, oats, zucchini, beans, pumpkin, protein, mangos, watermelons, powdered milk, and other vegetables to over 60 animal species. We are also providing medical care to these animals. We could not do this without you. Thank you for your support!

Recently, our zoo was able to offer a safe haven to an alligator family from the Amazon forest of Venezuela. This family had been in danger due to illegal poaching and hunting activities. We are delighted that we were able to give them a home where they can live peacefully and harmoniously.

Thank you to all the generous donors who have supported us and enabled us to make a significant difference in animal lives. Your unwavering commitment has been instrumental in our success, and together we will continue to save even more animal lives in the years ahead. We are truly grateful for your support!