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Entire families are forced to leave their homes with only what they can carry on their backs. The long journey across the Colombian border has become very common these days. The majority of Venezuelan refugees, who make it into Colombia, are sleeping in refugee camps, unemployed and without enough food. This fund will support Venezuelan refugees. We will work with other organizations in the Colombia–Venezuela border who are committed to providing assistance and support to those in need.


Due to hyper-inflation caused by the failing government, many Venezuelans are fleeing the country. According to the Colombian government, one million Venezuelans have entered Columbia and 660,000 have remained. The WFP estimates that 90% of these refugees do not have enough food and medical supplies to survive.


This fund is helping to provide life-saving relief efforts to Venezuelan refugees living in refugee camps. In addition, the fund is assisting the communities that are receiving the refugees and helping them through their migration. SAI is committed to providing food, medicine and job training to refugees in need.

Long-term impact

South American Initiative and its partners are working diligently to help Venezuelan refugees. SAI is devoted to continuing its effort in Venezuela until the food and medical shortage is resolved.

Donate To Help Venezuela Today

Make a tax deductible donation to help Venezuela from our website. South American Initiative are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization commited to providing relief to the most poverty stricken people and areas of our beloved Venezuelan nation. Your secure online donation will help to provide necessary food, clothes, and more to Venezuelan orphans, hospitals, and more. Learn more about our organization when you visit our about us page.

SAI Volunteer carries migrant woman on his back.
SAI Volunteer carries migrant woman on his back.

Helping Venezuelan Refugees Start a New Life in Colombia

SAI volunteer carries a woman on his back to cross the river from Venezuela into Colombia. Most of the refugees carry all that they have as they seek a new life. 

SAI Provides Food Cards for Venezuelan Refugees Migrating into Colombia to Buy Food

It is estimated that over 1.7 million Venezuelans have migrated to Colombia seeking refuge from a collapsed economy and political unrest.

South American Initiative is providing Venezuelan refugees with food cards they can use at local Colombian stores to buy groceries and personal hygiene supplies immediately when they cross the border into  Colombia.

5,000 Venezuelan Migrants Cross into Colombia Daily

It is estimated that 5,000 Venezuelans cross the border into Colombia every day. This landmark migration requires humanitarian aid to help new settlers with food, shelter, and medical care. They will also need education to get jobs in Colombia.

In most cases, these refugees do not have any food or personal hygiene items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and over the counter medicines. Venezuelan refugees use SAI food cards to purchase groceries to feed their families after crossing the border into Colombia. They are very happy to receive such a warm welcome to their new country.

Once the refugees cross the border into Colombia, SAI volunteers welcome them to their new homeland. Here they are offered something to drink, a snack, and an opportunity to learn how families can acquire a free SAI food card worth $40-$60 per month.

This is a digital currency they can use immediately to purchase food and personal supplies they need to help start a new life in Colombia. This money is used for emergency help for migrants who have lost their jobs or have been laid off because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your generous donations provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to help Venezuelans overcome one crisis on top of another crisis. We thank you for sharing your prosperity with those who are severely less fortunate than you.


5,000 Venezuelans Cross Border into Colombia daily
5,000 Venezuelans Cross Border into Colombia daily
Migrant Families Get Food at Colombian Border.
Migrant Families Get Food at Colombian Border.
Migrant Get Care Package at Colombian Border.
Migrant Get Care Package at Colombian Border.
Venezuelan Refugees Crossing River into Colombia
Venezuelan Refugees Crossing River into Colombia

Dear Donors,

We have some great news! We are beginning construction on our new facility in Colombia at the beginning for the new year.

5,000 Venezuelans Migrate to Colombia Everyday

As you may know, there is a problem on the border of Colombia and Venezuela  caused by the mass exodus of Venezuelan refugees seeking a better life. 

It is estimated that already 1.3 million Venezuelans are currently living in Colombia with an additional 5,000 crossing the border daily. The reason for this migration is because of uncontrolled inflation, violence, and political corruption in Venezuela.

We Go Where Help Is Needed Most

South American Initiative (SAI) is the only U.S. based 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization -- besides the Red Cross -- that provides large scale humanitarian aid for Venezuela. 

That’s why SAI is creating a facility in Colombia for the purpose of helping Venezuelan refugees escape their country and start again with a new life in Colombia. We need your help to make this become reality.

SAI Builds Refugee Transition Facility

Our goal is to provide the essentials for starting a new life in a new country. SAI knows these displaced Venezuelan migrants are starving for food and many need medical care, but more importantly, they need an opportunity to build a new life.

Just recently, SAI has partnered with Cripto Conserje, who specializes in crypto currency. Cripto Conserje donated the land for the SAI facility in Colombia. 

Promoting Financial Literacy

Cripto Conserje will utilize the SAI Refugee Transition Facility to conduct educational classes teaching basic financial literacy and how to make transactions using cryptocurrency. This makes sense because many Venezuelans do not have access to banking, credit, or the ability to purchase food, services, and merchandise.

This facility will help provide food, shelter, and medical care for new arrivals. It will also require those receiving assistance beyond a few days to earn their keep by performing assigned jobs at the center. 

Starting a New Life in a New Country

The Colombian government recognizes that mismanaged immigration can quickly become a drain on local economies, and that an injection of skilled workers can be an asset to help boost the economy. The Colombian governmnent welcomes our new Refugee Transition Centre because they know it will not only benefit Venezuelans, but also the local Colombian communities.

Providing Food & Medicine

To help resolve this crisis, SAI is providing desperately needed food, clean drinking water, shelter, medicine, and essential medical care to help displaced families, children, and individuals who find their only option is to leave Venezuela. 

South American Initiative’s Cucuta, Colombia Facility.

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The facility sits on 1,000 square meters within walking distance of the Venezuelan/Colombian border. Refugees visiting the facility will be offered food, essential medical care, and an opportunity to learn employable skills so they can become contributing members of the local Colombian community.

Medical Clinic to Provide First-Aid to Refugees

It will also have a clinic to provide minor but essential medical care for those in need of immediate first-aid. Visitors will also be given a nourishing meal to welcome them to their new homeland, courtesy of South American Initiative. 

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The back of the building has two windows and one door to accommodate staff and volunteers working at the center.

SAI brings hope and light to replace despair and darkness with fresh ideas, education, wholesome food, and medical supplies to South America’s most needy and most vulnerable people.

Saving lives in Colombia with Sights Set on All of South America

SAI’s new facility will be a central location for Venezuelan refugees to receive humanitarian aid as well as education to help them get jobs and adjust to living in their new country. 

Teaching Framing & Agriculture

The SAI Refugee Transition Center sits on over 10,000 square feet of land with an additional acre of farmland.

This additional farmland will be used to teach Venezuelans how to cultivate, plant, and grow their own food. Learning local farming techniques will help them become more independent and self-sufficient in their local Colombian communities.

All This for Just $60,000

SAI's executive team and volunteers have experience working with local Latin American governments. That's why we are able to buy land at affordable prices and build vital facilities quickly at speeds outsiders could never accomplish. Thanks to the land donation by Cripto Conserje, SAI is breaking ground on this new facility in January 2020.

We invite you to Join us in delivering humanitarian aid to those in their deepest time of need. Your donations not only save lives, but they also give great opportunities for those willing to work to build a good life for themselves and their families. 

Measurable & Accountable Success

SAI is marching forward, each and every day, for each and every refugee seeking a new life and opportunities to become independent citizens of Colombia.

SAI is succeeding in ways that are real, measurable, and accountable. With on-going donor and corporate support, we continue to help save lives in South America and provide opportunities for Venezuelans to have a brighter future. Please help us make this dream become reality!

Venezuelan Refugees Crossing Bridge into Colombia
Venezuelan Refugees Crossing Bridge into Colombia
SAI Volunteers Feed Venezuelan Refugees
SAI Volunteers Feed Venezuelan Refugees
Venezuelan Child Gets Lunch From SAI Volunteers
Venezuelan Child Gets Lunch From SAI Volunteers
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border
SAI Refugee Center At Colombian Border

The Blessing & The Curse

Gabriella waits in the South American Initiative’s food line holding the hand of her four year old son, and carrying her one year old daughter. She says,”We’re lucky to get one meal a day. My kids are always hungry, and so am I. Life is hard, but without this food, it would be unbearable.” 

Stuck In Colombia

The precarious situation suffered by Venezuelans stuck in Cucuta, Colombia, is unfortunate. One of our field correspondents reported that to survive the chaos, many choose to perform illegal actions.  As seen by members of our field team in the streets of Cucuta, dozens of young Venezuelan girls are involved in prostitution and many young men and woman are under the influence of drugs. Our staff is brought to tears by the appaling conditions they witness daily and the stories they hear from the refugees.

The Need For Food Is Enormous

With your generous contributions, SAI and GlobalGiving donors have delivered thousands of meals feeding the refugees in Cucuta. There is not enough food for the refugees, many are starving and begging for food.  We need your continued support to help us feed the refugees in this dire situation of limited resources. 

South American Initiative and GlobalGiving donors aid the Venezuelan refugees in Cucuta.  We deliver nutritious and protein-laden meals and medicines to strengthen the weak bodies of refugees. Our goal is to be able to provide more nutritous meals to feed the refugees and aide them in improving their quality of life. It is our desire to offer a viable solution so that many of the Venezuelans living on the Colombian border can be self-sufficient and take care of themselves and their families. 

It’s no secret that almost four million Venezuelans have fled the country in search of a better future for themselves and their children. However, many Venezuelans who are attempting  to leave the country are blocked at the Venezuelan/Colombian border.

Due to the blockade of humanitarian aid, SAI has had to mobilize towards the borders with Colombia to assist the Venezuelans who are stranded. We have managed to get food and supplies for many adults and children who have not eaten for days.

We are working to improve the quality of life of every Venezuelan stranded on the border. For this reason, we thank all our donors for providing desperately needed support to help refugee families in Venezuela.

Thank you to all donors of GlobalGiving and SAI for supporting our cause. The information is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign Venezuelan Refugee Fund.



Last year was a time of great growth and excitement at South American Initiative. We are very thankful for your generous contributions to all of our projects this year. We are honored to have donors like you who have shown great support for our causes that help Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.

Your generous support has allowed us to provide nutritious meals and clothing for many refugees. This is all thanks to the incredible help we have received from our supporters like you.

On behalf of the South American Initiative family, thank you for your support! We wish you a great 2019.

Best regards,

South American Initiative.

Every day, more Venezuelans leave their homes to start a new life in other countries, Colombia being the closest and sharing the same language, has become the first option for refuge. These refugees are unable to cross into Colombia due to insufficient immigration documents, lack of food, money and resources.

Thanks to each of our faithful donors through GlobalGiving we have sent a team of volunteers to one of the refugee camps located on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.  We have delivered boxes of food, water and other supplies.  Funds raised through GlobalGiving will continue to be used to help refugees in border towns and assist refugees in Colombia.

Your contribution to South American Initiative makes the expansion of this project a reality and increases the amount of supplies available to Venezuelan refugees. Thousands of refugees will benefit from your generous donations.

Thanks to all donors of GlobalGiving for supporting our cause. The information is reflective of GlobalGiving campaign Venezuelan Refugee Fund.