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Venezuela is currently undergoing extreme crisis due to the political and economic unrest in the country. Many have to flee because they do not have access to food, clean water, shelter, medications, medical attention and more. Families and children cannot even afford the basics of survival and many die or severely struggle to survive daily. In turn, such individuals flee to the United States looking for help and the opportunity to start a new and better life with access to such things. The issue is that when they take refuge in the United States, they do not have the education to have access to the multiple job opportunities that the United States offers.


Most of the individuals that come over to this country venture over with absolutely nothing other than the clothes on their backs. With little to give, these immigrants have nothing to support themselves with. To make the situation more difficult, many do not know English and cannot communicate to even start their long journey to a better life.


Providing education to those from third world countries and the US. Opportunities to receive an education will be opened to disadvantaged Latin females and Latin refugees that have fled their home country in search of a better, healthier and prosperous life. A proper education, is a stepping stone to a brighter future for those needing to start fresh in a country they are not familiar with. With an education, Latinos will have better chances of finding a job to support themselves and their families. This program will help many to start new educated lives.

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Offering classes in English, basic education leading to job opportunities, night classes and more, Latinos will have a stepping stone to starting fresh and have the opportunity to start making their way up in the country. They will have equal opportunities to a better life style, as well as, gaining the confidence to be able to support themselves with their new education.

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