Helping Abandoned Pets in Venezuela



By Seeing the large number of sick pets abandoned in the streets South American Initiative has get together with nonprofits dedicated to help animals in order to provide the resources needed to prevent diseases to public health. The crisis and the shortage in Venezuela not only affect people, but also their pets. Dog owners in Venezuela have been forced to abandon their pets. Dog food has increased by more than 50% and exceeds 280.000 bolivares per one kilogram, it represents the third part of the minimum wage. That's why in the streets there are more abandoned dogs than before and the truth is that it is not fair.


There is a great number of dogs that seem to leave a concentration camp, because they do not find what to eat. The animals fed on products thrown in the cities, but at the moment you are not seeing an excess of food left over. If the street dogs do not receive the necessary care, when they get sick and wander without control, they can become transmitting agents of zoonoses such as rabies, scabies, dermatophytosis and even cheyletiellosis, among other pathologies.


South American Initiative will contribute with the necessary help for all the non-profit organizations targeted to help homeless dogs, providing funds, animal food, treatments for scabies, treatments for rabies, and other diseases.

Long-Term Impact

By promoting the care of pets, the necessary care that these animals need, it will be possible to control the amount of pets that are in a street situation avoiding the spread of diseases that can affect the population. Help us save pets in Venezuela as well as we save people.

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