Giving Smiles for the Holidays

Giving Orphans A Gift



Every Christmas, children around the world dream of receiving presents from Santa. However, the extreme poverty that has struck Venezuela has made it difficult for orphanages to give children gifts during the holidays. That is why South American Initiative is starting our Christmas campaign to give new clothes, toys, and shoes to children in orphanages throughout Venezuela.



The crisis in Venezuela continues to get worse day-by-day for those who remain in the country. Usually, the Christmas season is the most exciting time for little ones around the world waiting to receive presents from Santa Claus. However, the orphanages do not have the resources necessary to fulfill every child’s Christmas wishes.



This Christmas, the South American Initiative is preparing a campaign to help various orphanages throughout Venezuela by donating clothes, toys, and shoes. In addition, the orphans will be visited by Santa Claus himself to help get these orphans in the Christmas spirit and create lasting memories they can all share together.