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Due to the current political and economic situation plaguing Venezuela, large amounts of zoo animals are dying or are malnourished. Many of these zoos have had their animals become endangered due to starvation and lack of medical care. There is not enough money or resources to feed and care for animals in these zoos.


Due to current government corruption, there have been difficulties with the animals getting the help they need. The private zoos suffer because of the economic crash and lessening of tourism as a result of the crisis. The public zoos suffer the worst because of the lack of funds and corruption from the current regime. The challenge is being able to identify the needs of private and public zoos and getting food and medical treatment.


South American Initiative will step in to fill this gap providing food and medical care to neglected animals that are suffering in these zoos. We are presently working with two zoos and one animal refuge in providing food and medical care to these animals, and plan to work with many more.

Long-Term Impact

South American Initiative’s long-term goal is to feed sick and neglected animals, providing them with the proper care and nutrition in zoos throughout Venezuela. With your support, we will save these animals and be able to expand our resources throughout the country.

Donate To Help Venezuela Today

Make a tax deductible donation to help Venezuela from our website. South American Initiative are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization commited to providing relief to the most poverty stricken people and areas of our beloved Venezuelan nation. Your secure online donation will help to provide necessary food, clothes, and more to Venezuelan orphans, hospitals, and more. Learn more about our organization when you visit our about us page.

SAI Zoo Monkeys Share Mango Lunch
SAI Zoo Monkeys Share Mango Lunch

There is a lack of care among the Venezuelan population when it comes to the preservation of animals who are in danger of extinction.

This is most prevalent in public and private zoos and animal refuges in Venezuela. For example, SAI supports a refuge that is taking care of a family of endangered monkeys. 

The population of our monkeys should have increased to 16, but the mother of the newborn died. A visitor tried to steal the newborn baby monkey and in the process harmed the mother resulting in her death.

Increase Security To Protect Rare Animals

This situation proves the necessity for increased security for the animals. We can utilize additional funding to enhance security at our facilities for zoo animals. We plan on helping the zoos with additional fences to protect the monkeys and surrounding wildlife.

With our program, we have had the joy of helping a variety of wild animals providing nutritious foods that improve the health of each one of them. Here are some of the zoo animals we are currently supporting:

38 Different Species

Our field team has difficulty translating different types of species into English, but here is their best effort at a list of rare reptiles we currently care for: 

  • Boa litmus,
  • Albino Burmese Python
  • Sleepy Boa
  • Boa Arboricola
  • Babo morichalero
  • Fake coral
  • Fake Mexican Coral
  • Plain coral
  • Cayman of glasses
  • Velvet
  • Tigra butterfly
  • Reticulated python
  • Madagascar Boa
  • Curacao rattlesnake
  • Black rattlesnake
  • Rattlesnake
  • Common Rattlesnake
  • Mapanare
  • Mapanare Rabo fried
  • Sail chameleon
  • Dipsadine snakes
  • Paraguan tarantula
  • Mining toad
  • Tigra jacket
  • Mapururua
  • Morrona
  • green Iguana
  • Slots
  • Lora basket
  • Yellow-headed Tiger Python
  • Blood python
  • Python ball, Anaconda
  • Morrocoy
  • Leopard gecko
  • Fake mapanare
  • Real kill
  • Orinoco crocodile
  • Paraguayan Boa

Providing Food to Wild Animals

During September, October, November, and December we provided the following sustainable foods to alleviate hunger in zoos, refuges, and sanctuaries for wild animals.

  • Bananas
  • Papaya
  • Plantain
  • Watermelon
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Eggs
  • Protein
  • Dog Food
  • Milk

SAI is A Guardian Angel

At SAI we want to sincerely thank you for helping us rescue these zoo animals. We also extend a huge thank you to A & G Animal Assistance Fund for providing substantial funding to rescue these endangered animals.

Many people claim that we are a “guardian angel” for abandoned zoo animals in Venezuela. We appreciate their kind words, but we know that people like you and A & G are the real heroes in this continuing crisis in Venezuela. 

Your Generosity Is Saving These Animals

Our staff and volunteers are grateful because without your donations many of these rare creatures would simply die of starvation and disease. Due to your generosity, a beautiful array of zoo animals and reptiles are happy, well-nourished, and healthy!

SAI Zoo Keeper Affectionately Feeds Adult Monkey
SAI Zoo Keeper Affectionately Feeds Adult Monkey
SAI Zoo Keeper Carefully Handles Albino Snake
SAI Zoo Keeper Carefully Handles Albino Snake
SAI Zoo Monkey Takes Time For Fruit Lunch Break
SAI Zoo Monkey Takes Time For Fruit Lunch Break
Rare Venezuelan Reptiles Protected at Refuges
Rare Venezuelan Reptiles Protected at Refuges
Rare Venezuelan Turtle at Animal Refuge Center
Rare Venezuelan Turtle at Animal Refuge Center