Endangered Animal Rescue Fund- Venezuelan-SAI



Due to the current political and economic crisis in the country of Venezuela, many zoos have lost animals to starvation and lack of medical care. There is not enough money or resources to feed and care for animals in these zoos.


Since the government is continuing to fail, the private zoos suffer because of the economic crash and tourism and local visits being affected by the crisis. But the public zoos suffer the worst because of the lack of funds and corruption from the current regime. The challenge is being able to identify the needs of private and public zoos and provide life saving food and medical treatment.


South American Initiative can step in to provide food and medical care to neglected animals that are suffering in these zoos. We are presently working with one zoo and one animal refuge in providing food and medical care to these animals, and plan to work with much more.

Long-Term Impact

South American Initiative’s long-term goal is to feed and provide sick and neglected animals the proper care and nutrition in zoos throughout Venezuela. With your support, we will expand resources throughout the country.