Centro de Dialisis
2018/06/20 10:00

We Can And We Will

We are pleased to continue collaborating with the people who need it most. This time, we visited the Santa Rosa… more

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María Auxiliadora
2018/06/15 10:00

Marching On

On June 15, the South American Initiative had the great pleasure of visiting the Casa Hogar María Auxiliadora where they… more

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Fundación Semillita
2018/06/06 12:00

A Step Forward

We continue to fulfill our commitment in favor of the orphanages benefited from our feeding program. Many of these orphanages… more

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Hospital Central
2018/05/02 12:00

Together We Can

Our commitment to all people increases more and more. We continue without rest helping the patients from Dr. Enrique Tejera… more

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Hospital Central
2018/04/13 11:00

Love Heals Everything

We prepared more than 350 meals that were delivered in Dr. Enrique Tejera hospital, in the area of maternity and… more

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