SAI Opens New Medical Clinic for Children in Venezuela



Current economic statistics estimate that 90% of Venezuelans are now living in poverty. This is taking a huge toll on everyone -- but most noticeably, the children. When kids go to bed hungry, they wake up even hungrier. When children don't get the proper medical care and medicine, common health problems can turn into a lifetime of serious health conditions. That's the reason South American Initiative is on a mission to save the children of Venezuela. We do this with meals and medical care.


In Venezuela the national healthcare system has failed. Most of the doctors and nurses have left the country due to political unrest and skyrocketing inflation. Hospitals are dilapidated and run down with frequent power outages, contaminated drinking water, no air conditioning, and patients lie in dirty bedding with no clean sheets. SAI has converted available first-floor office space at our headquarters into a critically needed medical clinic specializing in care for children and pregnant woman


Our medical clinic provides medical care and medicine to those children in need. This includes orphans and homeless children who need medical care for open wounds, gastrointestinal problems from eating rotten food and dirty drinking water and providing essential medication. We also care for pregnant women who need check ups, maternity vitamins, and an ultrasound. Our clinic is open 6 days a week and has the capacity to care for over 5,000 children per year and hundreds of expecting mothers.

Long-Term Impact

This project will benefit the local children who cannot get proper care at their local hospitals and need immediate medical attention. For many children, our clinic is their only option when they are in need of urgent medical care. The long-term impact is that we work to help sick kids get well so they can lead healthy lives. Our clinic is able to eliminate preventable diseases that start as minor illnesses but left unattended can create lifelong medical conditions.

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