Rebuild Haiti donate

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Rebuild Haiti

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Cancer Donate Now

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Give a Kid Presents

Give a Kid Presents It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is the moment when many people get together, share presents, sing carols, and stay home with their families. This is a marvelous and a lovely season. In Venezuela, this celebration is not different from other countries. Venezuelan people represent a [...]

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Become a superhero

Become a superhero November 26, 2017 Kids represent the present and the coming future of our society. Many of them dream to become doctors, firefighters, famous soccer players or a rock stars. Sadly, they are feeling guilty for the problems the world is facing right now (poverty, hunger, pollution and a diversity of economic situations [...]

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Art Can Save Lives

Art Can Save Lives November 17th, 2017 Nowadays it is difficult to turn on the television without seeing bad news related to our country. From the lack of medicines, through a severe shortage of food, to cases of crime that add up to a long list of atrocious events that happen in our country day [...]

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A Helpful Spoon

A Helpful Spoon September 24, 2017 Past September 24th our SAI team and our contributors visited one of the main hospitals in Carabobo. It goes by the name of "Carabobo Hospital" and it is a medical institution that has been affected by the humanitarian crisis and the lack of first aid implements. Thanks to all [...]

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Trade Meals for Smiles II

Trade Meals for Smiles II August 27, 2017 This was our second time visiting "Enrique Tejera" Hospital and we were happy and more excited than the first one, we had a bigger group of volunteers this time and had more than 500 breakfast ready. Once we entered the hospital, it was amazing and rewarding to [...]

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Trade Meals For Smiles

Trade Meals For Smiles July 16, 2017 SAI’s first event at "Enrique Tejera" hospital focus on the shortage of meals, the department of pediatric surgery barely receives incomes to feed the kids once a day, so we put hands on it. 800 breakfasts were made one by one by the hands of our volunteers and [...]

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Playtime at the Orphanage

Playtime at the Orphanage June 25, 2017 What a perfect day! We had an awesome afternoon playing with all the children at "Maria Auxiliadora" Orphanage. The storyteller was amazing, the kids laughed at it like they were watching a cartoon and had plenty of joy. All of the problems, all of the sadness and hunger [...]

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