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VENEZUELA—The streets are full of people. The hungry wait in line for hours to purchase rationed food that will hardly feed one person, let alone a slowly starving family. The desperate resort to crime with the goal of bringing home basic provisions or else they do not make it home at all. The angry walk in protest of a government incapable of aiding its own poverty-stricken population.

Since Venezuela suffered hyper-inflation last year, its people have dealt with unimaginable consequences; the average Venezuelan has lost nearly 20 lbs in the last year. Since the crisis struck there has been looting and violence in the streets, leaving those wounded without access to healthcare and stores empty of essentials to provide. The once oil-rich nation now faces a rapidly-decreasing economy with worthless, hyper-inflated currency too weak to support the population, which increasingly turns to the black market to purchase supplies because the government cannot or will not provide them. The people of Venezuela face a crisis that most countries or aid organizations are unable or unwilling to support.

Can you help us to provide the necessary supplies and food to the people of Venezuela? 100% of donations go toward aiding Venezuelans in Venezuela.

SAI has been working directly in Venezuela over the last year on the ground floor providing food, shelter, education, and job opportunities for the poorest and most at-risk Venezuelans.

Currently, SAI is the only humanitarian aid group that is able to penetrate the heavy protesting to provide aid to Venezuelans who have not had the opportunity to buy food in months. Many Venezuelans have also become displaced from their homes due to lack of food and the heavy rioting and looting in the streets. SAI is providing fuel for emergency services, emergency power for schools, safe drinking water and non-perishable foods.

SAI has scoured the top universities in Venezuela for willing volunteers. Over the past few months, SAI has been able to gather a number of gifted graduates from these top universities to help with support infrastructure and planning for SAI’s refugee posts. These hard-working and dedicated volunteers, who cannot work because of the poor economy and the current rioting, help to test that drinking water is safe, that the food rations are safe for consumption, and that all sanitary systems are capable to coping with the large influx of refugees. These students have not had work in months, have not had food in weeks and came to SAI for humanitarian aid. Because of SAI’s help, many of these students chose to stay with SAI and help their fellow citizens.

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