South American Initiative Feeding Hospital Patients Amid The Venezuelan Crisis

South American Initiative is currently working to keep the patients at Hospital Enrique Tejeras in Valencia, Venezuela fed and happy amid the crisis brought on by Venezuela’s political turmoil and economic strife. These patients need our help and our volunteers are on the ground ready to buy, cook, and distribute the food your donations will help us afford. Our current goal is 175,000$ US dollars which, collectively, will be easy to achieve with your help, no matter how small the contribution.

The hospital Enrique Tejeras is ill-equipped to handle the multitude of sick and starving people that fill its rooms. Despite being a public hospital, it receives only the bare essentials from the government, which means it needs our help to operate properly, as a hospital should. SAI works to feed the patients here and elsewhere with your donations. These patients deserve far better treatment than they currently get, this is why feeding hospital Enrique Tejeras is a priority for us.

63.64% of hospitals with pediatric services, there is no milk formula for newborns. There is an 81% shortage of medical surgical material and a 75% shortage of medicines.

In order for the health system of a country to be well, of course, there must be certain parameters met: medicines, medical supplies, hospital services, resources, beds availability and nutrition. None of these are adequately met in Venezuela. The hospital crisis in the nation is unparalleled. Reaching this conclusion is Julio Castro, an Internist Infectionist and member of Physicians for Health, a group of Residents and Specialists who performed for the third consecutive year a digital survey that showed figures in red, in these areas. Children are the most vulnerable in all societies, but in the hospitals of Venezuela it is the group most affected by the shortage.

The current crisis hits Venezuela amid a political storm, inflation, loss of

governmental revenue, and more leaving the less fortunate and poor in a fight for their lives everyday to find food. Due to massive inflation, your US, Canadian, or Australian dollars or British pounds can feed many people with massive positive leverage. We enlist volunteers in Valencia, Venezuela to buy, cook, and distribute our donations to those who need it. South American Initiative is a not for profit organization.

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